Cherokee Ranch Has Joined Two Great Breeds:

Angus and Romagnola: More Pounds, More Money

In today's beef industry, it's more important than ever to choose your breeding bulls wisely. Everybody realizes that the bulls are 50% of the calf crop, but do you know what it will take to breed your cow herd to maximize the carcass potential in the offspring? Romagnola bulls can take the confusion out of your breeding decisions. They produce low birth weight, vigorous calves that hit the ground growing. The bulls are practical in the field where they can travel ground easily to forage or breed your cows while holding their body weight relatively constant. Romagnola bulls tolerate extremes of heat and cold, and are resistant to insects, and seem to thrive in any kind of environment. When bred to "continental" breeds such as Limousin, Charolais, Gelvieh, etc., they produce lean calves.

These kinds of calves pay premiums in the high yielding, super-lean markets. When crossed with "English" breeds such as Shorthorn, Angus, and Hereford, they produce predominantly calves that marble Choice or better and yield in the USDA grades #1 or #2, which are the desired yield grade categories. Either way, these type of calves pay premiums. The muscle fiber of all Romagnola cattle is extremely refined, and they produce tender carcasses when crossed with any breed, including Brahman cattle, or the Bos Indicus breed. In the past few years, Romagnola crossed Brahman cattle are winning prestigious carcass contests across Australia. There has been plenty of Romagnola cross carcasses measured across this country and around the world to be assured of the results. Consistency is the word for these calves which will usually be the color of the dam or one shade lighter. But, any order buyer can see that the calves have the frames and muscle patterns to be number 1 and 2 yielding feeders. Heifers are known to cut just about as well as their steer counterparts, and this means you don't have to depend on only half your calf crop, or the steers, to bring you top dollar. And if you can average just 50 lbs. more per calf, which these bulls "can do", 50 calves will earn you about two thousand five hundred dollars more for your calf crop, before premiums, for high yielding carcasses by simply breeding your cows to a Romagnola bull. This alone could pay for your bull! Sound too good to be true? Try breeding a Romagnola bull for one season to see for yourself.

Want to know more about this easy calving, lean, and heavy muscled breed from Italy, known for their refined muscle structure? Contact Us today, start breeding Romagnola bulls, and learn what many commercial cattle men and women around the world are discovering for themselves: greater returns and fewer difficulties on the production side when they use Romagnola bulls - your answer to beef marketing and profitability here and now.

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